Information of the advertising spaces


We offer the best way to advertise your company in our Advertising Spaces of four differents Specialized directories:

National Directory to wholesale food market
North Meat Directory
South Meat Diectory
Carriers Directory

The advertising spaces are printed in color with four differents measures such as: Black Mension type (text) that includes name, addresses, Phone numbers, fax, e-mail,www, city and the speciality.

Besides, our online directory includes your publication space:


1 Plana (25 cms. x 18.5 cms.)

1/2 Plana (12.2 cms. x 18.5 cms.)

1/4 de Plana Apaisado (6 cms. x 18.5 cms.)

1/4 de Plana (9 cms. x 12.2 cms.)

Ejemplo de espacio Texto (linea)
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