Our Enterprise


We are a proudly mexican enterprise. It was founded in 1979 by our nowdays manager who had felt the need to contact producers and wholesales of fruits and legumes in all the country. He noticed that there was not a special directory with phone numbers and contacts addresses, so he started to compile the companies information that market, distribute and produce this products. That is how the National Directory of the wholesale food market is created and this dictionary is updated every year.

The Meat Industry Directory is created with the aim to keep offering this quality service to our customers. This directory is the connection among the producer, the retailer and the farming market in all the country. It is divided in two zones: north and south.

With all this experience about specialized Directories, the Carrier Directory is created and dedicated to the companies that use the freight charge and the supplier.

Nowdays, we are offering the consulting of our four directories to make easy the searching of the producers and wholesales of fruits and legumes, meat products and freight charge.

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